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Non-Local Enrolment Policy


Enrolment Cap & Buffer

Non-local applications can only be considered when exceptional circumstances apply. This is based on the Department of Education's capacity limits, taking into account the enrolment cap and buffer, indicated here.


Non-local applications can be made online, and will initially be assessed by the Enrolments Officer, as to whether exceptional circumstances apply, in particular, siblings and medical reasons. In these instances, a panel will be held to assess applications according to the school's criteria.


In order of priority determined by the Principal:

·         siblings already enrolled at the school

·         medical reasons

·         safety and supervision of the student before and after school

·         availability of subjects or combinations of subjects

·         compassionate circumstances

·         structure and organisation of the school

·         proximity and access to the school

·         recent change in the local intake area boundaries

The criteria will be made available to the school community and parents who are interested in enrolling their children. Information about selection criteria, the choice of courses or programs available is accessible to enable the student and parents to make informed choices.

Waiting List

If the school has capacity for non-local enrolments, a waiting list will be created for non-local students, based on the prioritised criteria.

Parents will be advised in writing if their child is on a waiting list. All applications on the waiting list will be considered and notified before the Parent Information evening in October.


If the school is accepting applications, a Panel comprised of an Assistant Principal, a teacher and a community member will meet to make decisions on non-local applications based on established, non-discriminatory criteria.

Minutes will be kept, detailing all decisions.


Unsuccessful non-local applicants may appeal in writing to the Principal, setting out the grounds of the appeal.

The Principal will determine whether the stated criteria have been applied equitably and make a determination.

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