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Leave Application - Travel


When your child misses school they miss important opportunities to learn, make friends and build skills through fun. Our preference is for families to organise holidays during school vacation. 

If this is not possible, and children will miss more than three days of school due to travel, please complete this Extended Leave (Travel) form and submit to School Administration for approval.

Travel is considered to be domestic or international travel for the purpose of a family holiday, family business, bereavement or other reasons, which should be specified on the application. Relevant travel documentation, including return flight itinerary for  all international travel should accompany the application.

This application should be made at least two weeks in advance of the travel date so the school can consider the application and issue an extended leave certificate, where approved. You may be asked for this certificate for international departures.

All other leave: illness, absences up to 3 days, or for any other reason, should be submitted via the School Bytes Parent Portal : Attendance.